Cat Sitting

Let your feline friends stay in the comfort of their own home by using our cat sitting service!

Although quite independent, cats still enjoy cuddling and belly rubs, which is just what we provide with our cat sitting visits. Cats grow used to their surroundings, so putting them in a kennel adds further stress on top of them wondering where you went. When you choose to let them stay home, your cats can enjoy:

  • Their own comfortable surroundings, such as their beds and favorite hiding places
  • They’re favorite foods at their regular feeding schedules
  • A clean litter box scooped daily
  • Lot’s of playing, petting and snuggling to keep them occupied while you're away!

Our cat sitting service gives you the peace of mind to go on your business trip or vacation worry-free, all while knowing your cats will be safe and sound when you return. Like with all our pet sitting visits, you will also enjoy our complimentary home services which include:

  • Bringing in your mail or newspaper
  • Bringing in or taking out your trash cans
  • Turning your lights on and off
  • Watering a few small houseplants

Pricing (1-5 cats):

Approx time: 25-30 Minutes - $35

Approx time: 40-45 Minutes - $40

*Add $1 for each additional cat that is from the same household

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Q.  Can I call you to check in on my pets while we're away?

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Q.  What are the payment options? Can we pay when we get back?

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