Main Benefits of Our Dog Sitting Service:

  • Dogs Keep Their Regular Routine
    We mimic your dog's regular routine by giving them the same love & attention as you normally would
  • Dogs Enjoy The Comfort of Their Own Home
    There's no place like home! Dogs get to stay in their comfortable & familiar surroundings
  • Your Peace of Mind
    Remember, we send you daily photo updates. You'll stay in the loop for the entire duration of your service  

Are you going out of town & need daily check-ins to make sure your dog(s) are safe & happy?

Here at Toby’s Pet Care we offer our clients much more than simply feeding their dogs and refilling their water bowl. Our daily dog sitting visits ensure your dogs are:

  • Happy & Safe
  • Receive Companionship
  • Are well taken care of in your absence

"So what exactly is included in a dog sitting visit?"

This is a common question and the answer is simple, we'll basically follow your dog's regular routine. This includes but is certainly not limited to:

  • Provide your dog with their meals and fresh water
  • Take them outside to go potty
  • Provide mental stimulation by playing with them
  • Administer medication in the form of ointments or pills (willing pets only)
  • ... and give them lot's of attention so they don't get lonely while you're away!
  • In addition to the list above we are also happy to water any plants you may have, bring in your mail and newspaper and rotate your lights to give it a "lived in" look.

So now you can go out of town or go on vacation knowing your dog is in excellent hands. 

We offer two lengths of times for this service:

  • A standard 25-30 minute visit
  • A longer 40-45 minute visit for dogs who want a little extra time

Dog Sitting Rates

25-30 Minutes

We will visit your home up to 3x per day (billed individually)



40-45 Minutes

We will visit your home up to 3x per day (billed individually)




See the most asked questions about our dog sitting service.

What if I have more than one dog?

All of your dogs are included in our rate. We do not charge per dog or per pet but rather by time. So, if you have more than one dog and they each require specific attention you would simply opt for the 40-45 minute option. 

We find most pets do well with our standard 25-30 minute option, but the longer time is there should your pets need it or want it.

What if my dog is really shy with strangers?

If your dog is a little skittish or shy we are happy to work with you to get them to feel comfortable with us. In the past, we have found that even the shyest of dogs can be won over. You may have to schedule a few visits before you leave town or use us regularly so your dogs can feel comfortable with us. 

If your dog is aggressive however, or has a history of biting we are not able to provide service due to liability reasons.

I have an outside dog who only needs visits every other day. Do you provide this service?

No. All clients who are going out of town and sign up with Toby’s Pet Care are required to book at least one visit a day.

We do this for a few reasons, primarily because so many things can go wrong when dogs (even outside dogs) are left unsupervised.

A few examples are:

Dogs may tip over their water bowls and be left without water or your dog may get sick and worsen during the day(s) we are not there, etc.

Your home may also be subject to accidents such as a toilet or sink overflowing, for example. These type of things seem to always happen when we are away on vacation.

So in our experience, it is always best to have someone checking in on both your dog(s) and home while you are away.

My dog requires insulin. Are you able to provide him with his shot?

We only provide pills or ointment application to willing dogs at this time. We recommend taking your dog to a 24 hr vet boarding facility. 

What if I require more than 3 visits per day?

Our maximum number of visits per day per client is 3 visits. If you require more visits we recommend contacting your local vet and see if they have any referrals for you with someone who provides this service.

At What time will you arrive to visit my dog?

We will arrive to your scheduled dog sitting visit within any one of your chosen time blocks. 

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