dog walking in fresno and clovis

Main Benefits of Our Dog Walking Service:

  • Dog Walking Keeps Your Dog in Top Shape
    Just like humans, dogs thrive with regular exercise.
  • Exercise Provides Physical & Mental Stimulation
    A tired dog is a good dog! Your dog will burn excess energy and will love the sights and smells he will experience during our walk. 
  • You Will Come Home to a More Relaxed & Happy Dog
    No more worrying about keeping your dog cooped up at home all day. Instead, your dog will be happy because he's getting a refreshing power walk.

Does your dog get bored while you're at work all day? Or do you feel you don't give your dog enough fresh air & exercise because of your busy schedule?

Our dog walking service is popular with busy individuals who work long hours and although they'd love to spend more time with their dog, are unable to do so.

By hiring us to walk your dog, they will experience:

  • Regular exercise to get them fit or maintain a healthy weight
  • A reduction in stress & anxiety because they'll spend more time outdoors
  • A private & fun 1-on-1 walk

"So what exactly is included in a dog walking visit?"

While you're at work, we will come to your home and take your beloved dog on a fun, refreshing power walk. He will get to stretch his legs, relieve himself, and smell a bush or two (or all the bushes he wants!) 

  • Your dog will be walked in your neighborhood
  • No more feeling guilty about leaving them home all day
  • You don't have to rush back home on your lunch break to take them out to go potty

So now you can work guilt-free knowing your dog is enjoying a refreshing power walk while you're at work!

We offer two lengths of times for this service:

  • A standard 25-30 minute walk
  • A longer 40-45 minute walk for dogs who want to burn off extra energy

Dog Walking Rates

25-30 Minutes

We will walk up to 2 dogs from the same household



40-45 Minutes

We will walk up to 2 dogs from the same household




See the most asked questions about our dog walking service.

What if i have more than 2 dogs?

If you have more than 2 dogs we recommend you book the 40-45 minute option so that we can walk all dogs, 2 at a time. For safety, we do not walk more than 2 dogs at once. 

will you take my dog to the park?

No, all walks occur around your neighborhood. We find that even though dog parks require leashes, most pet owners there ignore this policy which can have consequences (think dog fights)

 For the safety of your pup and ourselves, we choose to walk them around your neighborhood instead. 

what time will you arrive to walk my dog?

You can request a dog walk during any one of our time blocks. Most dog walking clients choose the midday block (between 11am-2pm) but this is completely up to you and your preference. 

what if it's too hot for a walk or if it's raining?

If it is too hot for a walk we will take your dog out to go out potty and then come back inside and play games with them to burn energy off that way. 

If it is lightly sprinkling or raining, we usually go ahead and do the walk anyway. Keep towels handy so that we may dry off your dog afterwards. If your dog hates the rain, we will take them outside to go potty and then come back inside to burn off energy that way.

will you walk my dog without a leash?

No, all dogs that we walk are required to be on a leash or wear a harness. For your dog's safety, we will never walk them off leash. 

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