Our Favorite Pet Products

On this page you will find out the various products we (and many of our clients!) swear by. 

  • Want to know what the best vitamin for your dog is? Check. 
  • Do you want a supplement to help with your cat's hairball problem? Check. 
  • Are you looking for a comfortable bed for your aging dog or cat? Checkity-check check :)

Take a look at our comprehensive list and see if there's anything your pet might benefit from. Rest assured that all of these products have been personally used by the Toby's Pet Care team or our clients!

Did we also mention all of these products have a star rating of 4.5 or higher on Amazon? Double-win!


Zesty Paws Advanced 11- in -1 Bites Multivitamin

This super, all in one vitamin has Glucosamine to aid in joint support, probiotics to help support gut health, and omega fish oil to help keep your pooch's heart strong and healthy.

Best of all, they are delicious and dogs think they are getting a treat! Try them out today.


Laxatone: Oral Hairball Lubricant Gel For Cats

Is your cat constantly throwing up hairballs? Is it ruining your carpet? Worst of all, do you hate seeing your cat go through the stress of vomiting hairballs left and right? If so, Laxatone to the rescue! This edible lubricant for cats helps them pass hairballs and best of all, can help prevent them. Click here to buy it now on Amazon.


Pet Sofa Lounger Bed For Dogs & Cats

This lounger bed is a pet's dream. It is a great lounger bed for all pets especially aging pets as it's memory foam helps to relieve pressure points when they're asleep. Our dog Betsy, loves this bed!

Click here to get it on Amazon.


Amazon Basics Dog Poop Bags

As dog walkers, we have seen and tried every type of poop bag out there. This one here, in our opinion is the best! Nobody ever wants to pick up poop using a thin, flimsy baggie. These bags are strong, thick, and will definitely not tear on you! And did we mention each box of doggie bags comes with a free dispenser? Get yours here. 


Vets Preferred Advanced Anti-Diarrhea For Dogs

For the occasional diarrhea, this product is our favorite choice for dogs. It works fast to relieve cramps, bloating and loose stools. 

You can get it on Amazon here. 

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