Services Offered in Fresno & Clovis

We have provided a comprehensive list of our services & rates here on this page for your convenience. If you'd like to learn more about each service and their corresponding rates, please click the Learn More button for the service you are looking for. 

  • All services start at $40 per visit or walk (between 25-30 minutes)
  • We offer longer visits/walks for $50 (between 40-45 minutes)
  • New client consultations are $40. This fee covers all administrative costs related to your account as well as your sitter's time (consultations last between 15-30 minutes)
dog walking in fresno and clovis
Dog Walking

A tired dog is a good dog! Dogs like humans, need and thrive with exercise. However, you may work long hours or are unable to take Fido out for his daily walk. Let us do the walking for you. This is a popular service for busy individuals. 

Dog sitting

Help your dog keep his regular routine the next time you go out of town. Our dog sitting visits allow for your pet to remain in your home where he is the most comfortable and happiest. This is a popular service for dogs who hate going to the kennel.

Cat Sitting

Did you know that when your cat isn't plotting to take over the world he or she really appreciates a super clean litter box? That's just what we'll provide with our cat sitting service the next time you go out of town. That along with food, water, attention, and lot's of love (if they want it) 

Pet sitting for other pets

We get it. You are not the conventional pet owner. Maybe you have lizards, a horse, or maybe a hamster? Whoever your pet is, Toby's Pet Care has you covered!  

New Client Consultation

The new client consultation is scheduled after you have submitted your application and we are ready to proceed with the registration process. This is a chance for everyone to get acquainted and where we customize a pet care plan based on your pets needs.

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