Main Benefits of Our Almost Overnight Service:

  • Your pets enjoy longer bedtime routine with us
    Cats are creatures of habit who enjoy their set routine. By skipping a kennel, your cat can stay at home where they are familiar with their surroundings.
  • Perfect for pets who are afraid of the dark
    Litter box scooping is included in our cat sitting service 🙂
  • Gives your pet a late night potty break
    Cats are highly social creatures who enjoy the company of humans. We will provide them with tons of TLC until you return (if they want it, of course!)

Let your feline friends stay in the comfort of their own home by using our cat sitting service!

Although quite independent, cats still enjoy cuddling and belly rubs, which is just what we provide with our cat sitting service. Cats grow used to their surroundings, so putting them in a kennel may add further stress on top of them wondering where their humans went.

"So what exactly is included in a cat sitting visit?"

Cats are ambitious creatures who expect nothing but the very best. As your cat's butler (let's be honest, that's how they see all humans) we will provide the following during each visit:

  • Provide them with their favorite food, water & treats
  • Provide them with a freshly scooped litter box every day
  • Provide them with love, attention, and a fun game of "catch the laser" if they feel up to it
  • Follow any other pet care instructions for your feline friend
  • Plus, we are also happy to water any plants you may have, bring in your mail & newspaper, rotate blinds, etc. 

So now you can travel worry-free knowing your cat's health and happiness is our top priority!

We offer two lengths of times for this service:

  • A standard 25-30 minute visit
  • A longer 40-45 minute visit for cats who need a little extra time

Cat Sitting Rates

25-30 Minutes

We will visit your home up to 2x per day for cat only clients.



40-45 Minutes

We will visit your home up to 2x per day for cat only clients.




See the most asked questions about our cat sitting service.

How many cats are included in your rate?

All of your cats are included in our rate. Most cats do well with the standard 25-30 minute option. However, if you have many cats and/or tasks, we would recommend the longer 40-45 minute option for sufficient time in completing everything. 

What if my cat needs medications?

Cats can be extremely finicky to give pills or apply an ointment to. If your cat is willing, we would be happy to do the latter and mix their pills with their wet food. We do not provide injections to any of our clients' pets and if that is the case we would recommend boarding your cat at a 24/4 vet boarding facility. 

Do you provide litter box scooping as a standalone service?

No, we only provide litter box scooping as part of our vacation cat sitting service. If you need litter box cleanup as a weekly service we recommend you check with your local vet to see if he or she may have any referrals for you. 

My cat is very independent and only needs 1 visit every few days. Do you provide this service?

No. All clients who are going out of town and sign up with Toby’s Pet Care are required to book at least one visit a day.

We do this for a few reasons, primarily because so many things can go wrong when pets (even independent cats or outside pets) are left unsupervised.

A few examples are:

Cats may tip over their water bowls and be left without water, they may lock themselves in a room without access to their litter box or food, cats may get sick and worsen during the day(s) we are not there, etc.

Your home may also be subject to accidents such as a toilet or sink overflowing, for example. These type of things seem to always happen when we are away on vacation.

So in our experience, it is always best to have someone checking in on both your pets and home while you are away.

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