Are you seeking added security for your pets and home?

Do your pets require an extra dose of love and attention so they don’t get lonely?

Our overnight pet care service runs from 10PM to 7AM and is perfect for parents whose pets prefer company through the entire night. All the services offered with regular dog and cat sitting visits are offered for overnights as well.

How It Works:

On the day of your departure, we will arrive at your home by 10pm and stay until 7am the next morning. This service is to be viewed as an evening visit and a morning visit with a sleeping stay in between. This service pairs well with a midday visit (additional fee.)

Overnights in Fresno Ca

On our arrival we will:

  • Feed your pets dinner if requested
  • Take them out to go potty & provide love and attention
  • Do a security check around your home
  • Spend the entire night with them!

In the morning, your pets will:

  • Be offered breakfast
  • Taken outside to go potty
  • And we'll make sure everything is secure and in place before we leave

Ideal For:

Overnights are ideal for pets who don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time, and for pet parents who are seeking the maximum amount of care for both their pets and home.

*When booking overnight services, please provide clean sheets, a bed, and a designated area to get ready in the morning.


8hr. Overnight Stay - $135/Night

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Q.  Can I check in on my pets while we're away?

Q.  Is your company insured?

Q.  What are the payment options? Can we pay when we get back?

Q.  What is your key policy?

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