This blog post is dedicated to an amazing human being who left this world too early this holiday season and who is responsible for all of the work I have accomplished with Toby's Pet Care.

You see, back in 2010 when I was a young 20 year old who still hadn't yet figured out what he wanted to do, I was given an opportunity to work with someone who would forever change the course of my life. Someone who would give me the tools necessary to be able to work on something that I truly enjoyed and was passionate about.

This person was Joseph Elerick.

Joseph Elerick

I had always been passionate about animals and so when the opportunity presented itself to be a part of Joseph's pet boarding and dog obedience training company, I enthusiastically jumped on-board. Over the next few years I worked alongside my dear friend Joe and learned everything I could from him.

Joe's company he founded in 2009

Joe's Company he founded in 2009.

A very young looking (and super skinny) Eddie working with Creatures Great & Small in 2011!

When the time came and he departed Fresno to start a new chapter living up in North California, he encouraged me to start my own business as he saw I had what it took to become successful (I didn't quite know it just yet.) During those long months at the beginning when the phone didn't ring or no one was even signing up to my newsletter, he encouraged me to stay positive and was my source of motivation to keep going. Joseph's business was taking care of pets in a home-style type of kennel while also providing dog training, and I was more focused on starting a pet sitting and dog walking business rather than opening a kennel.

Because of this, it meant that I would have to acquire my own clients to be able to provide a different type of service. I had the experience I needed to work with animals and the know-how to position myself as an expert, but I lacked the business experience that Joseph possessed.

And so my dear friend and mentor, now living some two hours away, still took the time and energy to teach me everything to get started on the right foot. Did this process happen overnight? Of course not! But having a mentor by my side offering words of wisdom and encouragement sure made it easier. He helped prepare me to provide the absolute best possible pet care as he did with his own clients.

A card I received from my mentor on the day Toby's Pet Care opened. One of the quotes reads: "There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure"

So thank you, Joe for all of the support, advice, and words of encouragement you ever provided me with. I know all the boarding and and dog training clients you had here also appreciate all the hard work and dedication you provided, day after day.

Thank you for showing me what a wonderful industry this is to be a part of and for everything, even though I never said it enough. You were taken too soon and will be missed greatly by everyone! Rest in peace my friend.


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