Would you like to help support a small business during this pandemic?

Toby's Pet Care has two new announcements. I am providing a new service and are now offering gift certificates. Read below for all the deets! 🙂

Paw Reading  For Dogs & Cats

Just like  a human palm reading... but for pets! Using  a photograph of your beloved pet's paw, I will virtually analyze it to learn about his or her personality, fortune and future.  A printed card with your pet's reading will be mailed to you.

Cost: $10 per reading

How to purchase a paw reading & steps:

  • Send me a message through your client portal letting me know you'd like a reading and for which pet(s)
  • Pay the invoice that will be generated for you
  • Take a photo of your pet's paw and email it to Eddie@TobysPetCare.com Please include your name, your pet's name, your full mailing address and any special quirks or fun facts your pet may have.
  • You'll receive a confirmation email notifying you that your order is in process.
  • Your printed card with your pet's results will be mailed to you in approximately 10-12 business days!
  • Read the findings to your pet and see what he or she has to say about it! You can also post it to social media or put it up on your fridge 🙂

Disclaimer: Paw readings are for entertainment purposes only 😉 Shipping is dependent on the operating status of the US Postal Service. If your printed card cannot be mailed to you, I will email you a virtual card and follow up with a printed card as soon as I can.

Gift Certificates

Toby's Pet Care is now offering gift certificates to be used for future pet services. The amount you'd like to purchase one for is completely up to you. You can purchase a gift certificate for $25, $100, anything in between, or even more if you're a frequent client of Toby's Pet Care. Gift certificates are non-refundable, expire one year from date of purchase and are non-transferable.

How to purchase a Gift Certificate & steps:

  • Send me a message through your client portal letting me know you'd like to purchase a gift certificate and for what amount.
  • Pay the invoice that will be generated for you in the amount you specified
  • You will receive an email confirmation with your gift certificate voucher, name and the total amount in your certificate
  • The amount in your gift certificate will be applied to your account through your client portal and will be good for a full 12 months from the date of purchase

A big thank you:

By purchasing  a paw reading and/or a gift certificate you are helping Toby's Pet Care survive during  a difficult economic crisis. I am offering these two new services as a way to make up for the lost revenue due to COVID-19. Thank you to all my clients and I can't wait to see all my four-legged friends soon!

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