With less than a week left before 4th of July and firework booths already popping up, I thought it'd be a good idea to share a short list of tips we can all implement to help keep our pets safe this Independence Day. While firework displays and barbecues are all fun for us, this particular holiday tends to be quite stressful on our four-legged friends. 

July 5th also happens to be the day when most pets are reported missing, so it's important to take a moment and make sure we take the right precautions to avoid this happening to us.

July 5th also happens to be the day when most pets are reported missing.

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Below, you will find 5 easy ways to help keep your furry pals out of danger this 4th of July.  As usual, I went ahead and created an infographic for you guys, with a little more thorough description at the bottom of the page for those of you who like to read 🙂

Have fun, eat great food, and remember to stay safe out there!


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Keep Your Pets Indoors

Nothing is more stressful for a dog than fireworks and loud noises. Consider keeping your pet at home if you're going out someplace where there will be fireworks. Keeping them in a room with the television or radio on can help drown out firework noises. 


Keep Your Pets on a Leash

Since people begin lighting fireworks almost immediately after they start being sold, It's important to make sure our pets are safely secured with a leash when they're outside. Any sudden fireworks going off may scare them and cause them to run away. 


Make Sure Your Pet Has a Proper ID tag

July 5th is the busiest day for animal shelters because most pets get lost due to the loud noises that cause them to wander off. Having your pet properly ID'd with their name and your current phone number can help reunite them back to you should they get lost. Losing a pet is a pet parent's worst fear, take the precautions above to help minimize losing your pet!


Don't Feed Your Pets Any Table Food

Although tempting, resist the urge to feed your pets any table food that may cause them to get sick. If you're hosting a BBQ, tell your guests not to feed your pets as well. Foods that may cause havoc in your pet's health include onions, avocados, leftover bones (chicken bones are the absolute worst!) chocolate, and alcohol. It might be a good idea to leave Fido in a room where he will be safe from the foods you'll be serving, and later in the evening, the fireworks that will start going off.


Keep Fireworks Out of Your Pet's Reach

If you've got a puppy or a dog who you know is a chewer, avoid a visit to the emergency room and make sure to keep all firework remnants away from their reach. The gunpowder in fireworks can make them sick!

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