What's in your pet's Christmas stocking this year? One of the most rewarding moments for pet parents this holiday season is sitting back and watching our pooch get all excited and play with his or her new toy. Here, I've compiled a list of the top ten toys and gadgets that would make great gifts for your dog or cat this Christmas.

This post is in part attributed to my fondness for Amazon, as I buy almost everything there these days! From Betsy's dog food to gadgets for my car, it just seems easier to click "buy" than having to drive down somewhere, find parking, find what you need, wait in line, etc. I'm sure Amazon has made Christmas shopping A LOT easier for many of us. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without my Amazon Prime membership. I love it!

The List:

Oh You Lucky Dog - Leash Light

This neat little "keychain" snaps onto your dog's collar to light up your walks. With the sun going down sometimes even before 5pm now, having this nifty light illuminate your dog can help cars and other people know right where you are. Click here to buy on Amazon

Festive Christmas Reindeer Dog Sweater

Keep your pooch warm and cozy this winter with this festive Christmas Sweater! Many colors and sizes available over at Amazon. Check it out!

Scoop Free Self Cleaning Litter Box

Who knew such a thing was even available? Cat parents will appreciate the convenience this cool litter box offers, and cats will certainly appreciate a cleaner litter box. Check out the amazing reviews it has over at Amazon.com

Custom Embroidered Dog Collars

Get your dog a custom made collar with his or her name and your phone number stitched right onto it! Various colors to choose from and comes in four sizes (xsmall, small, medium and large) It's the perfect inexpensive gift for your dog or even a relative's dog who you know they love to pamper. Get it here.

ZippyPaws Hide & Seek Plush Toy

This four piece toy is perfect for dogs who love squeaky toys. You place the hedgehogs in their "burrow" and then your dog has fun shaking them all out. You have a choice of hedgehogs, mice or chicks as your plush toys. For under $10 and free shipping if you have Amazon Prime, it's quite a steal!

Favorite Cat Scratching Post

Treat your feline friend this holiday season with a brand new scratching post. Several designs to choose from, so you're bound to find one that suits your kitty's fancy. View all designs here.

Gooby Padded Cold Weather Vest

The perfect vest for going out on those chilly walks! This cool looking vest has an O-Ring on the back to secure your dog with your leash. The outside is water resistant with a soft and warm inner layer. They'll love it!

Crystal Rhinestone Stainless Steel Bowls

This elegant food bowl set is for the truly pampered pet. At a whopping $399 your dog can eat in style! No, I'm kidding. It's  actually just $29.99! Looks awesome though, doesn't it? You can get it in the color shown above and in pink, purple, or blue. The bowls come off for easy cleaning. Win!

Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

This chew toy is sure to become your dog's favorite chew toy! Perfect to keep them entertained for hours on end. If your dog never took an interest with Kongs, give this a whirl, as I'm sure they'll fall in love with it. Get it here.

Dog Paw Print Devotion Garden Stone

Pets are wonderful creatures who leave their imprints on our hearts forever. Consider getting this stone for someone who may have just recently dealt with the tragic loss of their wonderful pet. Its a great way to honor those pets who brought us much love and joy during their lifetime.

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